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A trader carries on trade in reliance upon his professional skills and theoretical knowledge. In the process of investment activity he should continue the process of professional skills training while analyzing the economic factors of the markets. Constant analysis and analytics allows the trader to apply all the data in order to develop his own trade strategies.

Our company provides not only the expanded list of investment opportunities but also a comprehensive database of educational resources created by our analysts and leading traders. It includes theory instruction as well as action-oriented visualization of numerous strategies and fundamental principles of trading.

Core tutorial elements in UFT Trade

Our team has prepared a package of educational resources and courses for beginners and experienced investors:             

  1. The economic calendar - this element is the main one in the process of trade on miscellaneous assets. It is always in an active state, displaying up-to-date information about important economic events (news, reports of SEO companies, quarterly returns of companies and countries). In addition, it includes the forecast and the result of the event (negative, positive or neutral).
  2. The training center - this group of pages of our UFT Trade portal includes a large amount of media information (video clips, infographics, tables). It involves simple and intelligible explanation of all the fundamentals of trading as well as theoretical material and trading strategies.
  3. The theoretical background - all the information prepared for you has been gleaned by the leading traders of our international company. Most of the data is well-known, however we have optimized and structured it in the best way so that you could get the necessary knowledge using your personal account on the website of the UFT Trade company.


Good implementation of the training center for UFT traders

Everything is represented in one place. Even during the trade via your trading terminal you will be able to see notifications about all the relevant economic and political news that affect the market charts (with the help of the economic calendar).
If should you have any questions about the training courses, you can contact the UFT Trade support team. Our specialists will help you to find the information

Before you start investing your own funds, consider all the potential risks and possible expenses. The broker provides a written guarantee regarding the possible earnings on the investments and trade Forex. Profitability depends on several market circumstances and industry risks, to predict that in advance is impossible. Please note that some operations can further include Commission fees. Each section has a detailed description of the terms of the program. Before opening an account fully read the agreement to confirm it. Before investing we recommend you to consult our managers. Some payments can take 3 to 5 working days, depending on conditions of operation.

Our company offers bonus offer for new investors. However, for the payment of a specified bonus amount, you must observe a number of conditions associated with minimum Deposit in one lump sum. More detailed information is provided to our managers by phone number.

The nuances of tax laws in several countries and unions may differ, so our company cautions traders about the possible consequences of violation of the established norms. Tax liabilities not related to some programs UFT Trade, should be observed independently on the basis of the domestic laws of the country of residence.

Activities of UFT Trade falls under existing international laws in Europe and the CIS. The proposed services are consistent with the rules of rendering brokerage or legal services and consultations. Our company has its own brand, so copying the name and logo punishable by law.